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If you are looking for a detailed modern city with furnished interiors, you are at the right place! The city is built with the default texture pack. I recommend it. You can use it on servers with your friends.

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No need to ask permission. Just credit me if you make videos. I am sorry for the delay. I prefer quality before speed. S - New inn replacing the old haunted manor - Etc. Jerom Survival: C Church fixt landscape update to 1. Guns and other stuff can be used, loot will spawn. More Zombies Bigger map, raod to the city, tank, skyscrapers and a lot more action. Requisite Minecraft 1.


PLease leave it in the Comment Gr Jeromsky. Real Life Minecraft 38M. The map is super realistic and full of cool creations. This map has everything you can ever imagine.

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Most of the building Are close to one another, just travel around a bit to find your way. Click by Click! Over individually crafted and intricately designed buildings!!! Thanks to all our friends in: Cops and Robbers 3. Made by Mithrintia and Podcrash! A remake of the minigame in Halo 3! An honor rule is a rule that is not hard wired into the game via, they can be easily broken, but by doing so, ruins the fun for everyone.

The honor rules below are what should be followed for maximum funness. Get to the ship to escape! Alcatraz, A dark and gloomy island for the worst of the worst convicts. DozeSoviet99 11 hours, 46 minutes ago. World Big city Vastorg. Dozo 1 day, 6 hours ago. Jacq's 2nd World. Fussygemstone 1 day, 13 hours ago. World by RoBoRe version 2. RoBoRe 2 days, 21 hours ago. Locate the custom map that you wish to download and install. Tap the Download button, or whichever related button is accompanying the map's details on the particular site that you're downloading from. In most cases you'll be taken to a screen displaying the file name and size along with a couple of options.

Select the Open in "Minecraft" link. Minecraft should launch automatically at this point. Tap PLAY.

A list of available worlds should now be displayed, including the recently installed map. Tap on its name to begin gameplay. Tap the Download button, or whichever related button is accompanying the map's details on the site that you're downloading from. Once the download is complete you'll be taken to a screen displaying the file name and size along with a couple of options. Select the More The iOS Share Sheet should now appear on the bottom half of your screen.

Tap the Copy to Documents button. A message will now appear, confirming that the compressed map file has been imported into the Documents app. Select OK to continue. A list of documents should now be displayed, each accompanied by a thumbnail image and filename. Tap the RAR or ZIP file containing your custom map, which will cause it to automatically be extracted into its own parent and subfolders.

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  5. Select the newly-extracted folder, which should have the same name as the compressed file. A list of subfolders should now be visible. Select the Edit button, located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Tap each one of the folders and files in view so that they all have check marks accompanying them. It is important that you do not miss any. Select the More button, located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

    When the pop-out menu appears, tap on Zip. Remove the check marks from all files and folders that are currently selected by tapping on each once.

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    Next, place a check mark next to the newly-created Archive file. Select the Rename button, located at the bottom of the screen. Modify the filename so that it contains an. In the example shown, we've changed the filename to Volcano.

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    Once complete, tap the Done button. A message will appear asking if you're sure about changing the file extension.

    Minecraft 1.12.2 Maps

    Select use. Tap the Done button, located in the upper right-hand corner. The check marks accompanying each file should now be replaced by ellipses. Tap on your renamed file to open it. An error message should now appear, stating that the file cannot be opened by Documents.


    Select Try another app. The iOS Share Sheet should now appear again. Tap the Copy to Minecraft button. Return to the Android home screen and tap on the Apps button. When the list of apps appears, select ES File Explorer. Navigate to your Download folder and select the. Your downloaded files should now be displayed.

    How to Download and Install Minecraft Maps

    Tap the file associated with your custom map. A dialog will appear listing one or more apps that can open this file. Tap the Minecraft option. Launch the Minecraft app. When the welcome screen appears, tap the Settings button. Select Profile , located in the left-menu pane within the General section. Tap the drop-down menu accompanying the File Storage Location option and select External , if it is not already selected.