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Friction is called a nonconservative force. Familiar examples of potential energy: We therefore define the gravitational potential energy at a height y above some reference point: The sales of Wii until is 5 billion dollars , this is only in 5 years. Nintendo states that its device targets a broader demographic than that of the two others. A distinguishing feature of this game is its wireless controller, the Wii Remote, which can be used as a handheld pointing device and detects movement in three dimensions.

Another distinctive feature of the device is WiiConnect24, which enables it to receive messages and updates over the Internet while in standby mode. It is sold in Egypt since and found in big kids stores only. It is sold in Egypt for almost LE.

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This is because it can be played by the whole family where it will add lots of fun. So, in our case where there is a family of 5: The father, mother, Hana 2 years old, Ahmed 6 years old, and Mahmoud 20 years. This family decided to buy the new Wii when they saw the ad in one of the kids shops, as they wanted to experience the fun of having all the It is a new direction for the company.

Nintendo desired to create an assimilation of a motion-sensitive controller combined with modest technological improvement in processing power and graphics in order to target a broader demographic than that of the other competitors. Segmentation Demographically, Wii targets males and females of a vast age-range [ 4 years years , 11 years years , 20 years- 29 years , 30 years years , 40 years to 49 years and 59 years ]. Wii targets social classes A and B as purchasers are highly educated and possess a professional or highly skilled occupations with a salary not less than 15, LE per month for every family.

Geographically, Wii is purchased in capitals and large cities of Egypt such as Cairo with a population of 18 Million, Alexandria with a population of 4. Psychographically, Wii targets indoor persons who feel affection for staying with the family Richardson maintains that Napster will not hinder music sales, but will have an opposite effect Sullivan.

Napster is an MP3 file-sharing program that enables users to share their music with one another.

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Anyone with a computer can download the program, sign the user agreement contract and then start swapping music. The program includes chat features, top music sharing lists, search capabilities, charts showing the status of the file transfer, and other assisting utilities Allen. The chat rooms allow users to converse and exchange information with other people "in" the room Allen.

The Wii Shop Channel is Now Closed for (New) Business

The search feature allows the music consumer to search by song title, artist, along with a myriad of other variables. The file transfer element of the program allows listeners to manage file downloads files which they are receiving and uploads files which others are copying Allen. The channel launched on December 10, , and ceased operations on January 30, Available software was organized into three sections: It is no longer possible to purchase content on the channel, but all previously purchased content can be redownloaded indefinitely as of February Upon its discontinuation, most software was removed from the channel, and the shop's interface reverted to its original design.

Wii Points were the currency used in transactions on the Wii Shop Channel. Wii Points were obtained by either redeeming Nintendo Points Cards purchased from retail outlets [3] or directly through the Wii Shop Channel using a Mastercard or Visa credit card.

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On March 26, , the ability to purchase Wii Points was permanently removed following a temporary maintenance notice, preventing users from purchasing WiiWare or Virtual Console games unless they had enough Wii Points in their account balance already. Already purchased software could still be downloaded, and any existing Wii Point credit were redeemable until January 30, The Virtual Console allowed users to download classic games from past video game consoles.

There were over games available in North America [6] and, as of December 31, , over 10 million games have been downloaded worldwide. New games were added weekly at 9 A. Each system had a base starting price for games on that system. All titles ranged from to Wii Points.

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If a person using the now defunct Connection Ambassador Programme reached Gold status Helped 10 people to connect , they would be able to download any Nintendo-published NES game free of charge. Additionally, if they reached Platinum helped 20 people to connect , they would be able to download any game from any system in Virtual console free of charge. In Europe and North America, the Virtual Console featured several import titles which were not previously made available in those respective territories.

Wii Shop Channel

These games cost more points than the normal price due to their import status and some translation work. The WiiWare section featured original games specifically designed for Wii. Games were priced between and points. To decrease the size of the games, instruction manuals were hosted on each game's Wii Shop Channel page. Some titles featured additional downloadable content , priced from to points, that could be purchased using Wii Points in game or from the game's page.

The Wii Channels section featured additional non-game channels that can be downloaded and used on Wii.

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Before the WiiConnect24 service was discontinued, there were three free Channels offered worldwide: An update to the Photo Channel Photo Channel 1. A fourth Channel, the Internet Channel , a web browser based on Opera , was available worldwide originally for Wii Points but was free as of September 1, Anyone who paid the Wii Points for the Internet Channel has been refunded. There were also two exclusive free Japanese channels: Previously, a preview channel for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was available for free in the fall of for North America and PAL regions before it was removed from the Wii Shop Channel several months after the game's launch.

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These Wii Channels were never available on Wii U. Software downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel is saved onto the Wii console's internal memory. After a download is complete, the new software appears on the Wii Menu as a channel. Software can be copied to SD cards or re-downloaded for free. Wii consoles with system software version 4.

On December 10, , a gift feature was added to the Wii Shop Channel, allowing users to purchase and send games and channels to others as gifts. The receiving user was given the option to download or reject the gift upon opening the Wii Shop Channel, with a notification being sent out to the send if it was accepted. Downloaded games can receive updates from the Wii Shop Channel. These updates are free of charge to those who have downloaded a previous version of the game.

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