Iptables block mac address not working

But some times we are in require to allow some of our external users or clients to server via remote login. In that case we need to open firewall ports.

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In that case its hard to open port time to time for their ips. Iptables has a module, which provides mac based filtering of packets on specific ports. This article will help you to how to configure iptables to filter traffic based on MAC addresses. Below command will allow ssh access port 22 to system having physical address 3E: To allow: About MAC Address: Sina Maafi Sina Maafi 6 1.

Configure MAC based Filtering using Iptables in Linux

If you change the order "accept" first, the "drop" second it'll do what you expect. Stephen Harris Stephen Harris So you will want to clear out that rule. First you need to identify the rule, then delete it. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

How to Block/Unblock IP Address in Ubunutu Server using iptables

Well, i've actually a transparent proxy as seen in POST 10, what will be the syntax of the iptables filter?? I've used the following without success of course: Actually I am searching in that direction.

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Off course as it was said before, if the student knows something about mac address spoofing, well i am in trouble. But anyway, i would like to give it a try by filtering mac addresses. What will be the syntax since i've redirected the 80 to see POST10??

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  4. Configure MAC based Filtering using Iptables in Linux.
  5. Thanks again for the help: Could you please drop here the mac filtering chain that i should use, since i've got a proxy server squid? I've never used the proxy authentication on radius server, so i don't know what i should say here?? I am in a production server, and i am looking for an immediate action. By trying some new things for me i could make mistakes and every thing will stop working. Unless you are guiding me, in this case i will follow your guidance: Thanks Nokia, very kind from you: You need OpenDNS.

    Firewall with iptables using mac address filtering

    Get an account and discover it's potential. See how easy network-admin life can be. Try describing it. Also, start learning about radius and do a mockup scheme on two pc's. When feeling confident about it, apply it on the network. So it's piece of cake to change the DNS. Oh yes Thank you very much Nokia, this is fantastic.

    This is exactly what i am searching since about one week. Tell me, what happen when i reboot the server.

    MAC Address filtering using Iptables

    Thanks again very helpfull, Last night, i found something strange, three 3com switches and two acces points got the same MAC address cf8-fe , i beleive that is unusual!!!! Hy everybody everywhere, I've used: I am no iptables expert, but your initial commands look like they should work. According to some info in my favorite iptables book "Linux Firewalls" by Michael Rash, on page 22 he states "iptables can filter IP packets based on data link layer MAC addresses, but only if the kernel is compiled with the MAC address extension enabled.

    In the 2. Thanks for the reply techmum, In fact, it was said in post 3 or 4 that i've got the answer which is this one below: Saw your comment, but was trying to understand why your rules are not working. Just some suggestions. It's 86 and not B6 So the rule is: