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Connect the memory stick in an available USB port on your Mac. If using the memory stick for the first time, your Mac will install the necessary driver software. A USB icon will appear on your Mac display. Double click the icon. The contents of the memory stick will display in a separate window.

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You can then drag the cursor over the files you want to delete to select them. My homepage: Just a tip for those who are interested in using their USB flash drive as an extension to the virtual RAM of Microsoft Windows or to extend the virtual memory of the operating system.

How To Use USB Flash Drive As RAM (2018)

Using your USB flash drive to increase the amount of virtual RAM or virtual memory or pagefile to be specific is fine. But by doing this, you are also shortening the lifespan of your USB flash drive. Remember that USB flash drives have limited numbers of writes. In normal usage, it will take a long time for the writes to run out. But if the USB flash drive is used as RAM where millions of transfers are done each minute, it will definitely decrease the life of the flash drive.

Will an external flash drive work like RAM

Reply 10 months ago. Formatted to what, NTFS? I did both, and it was plugged in properly, I used multiple ports. Including USB 2.

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I already tried it before on an iPod with 1 GB internal storage. Windows was able to detect the drive and it appeared.

Question 10 months ago. Many people don't seem to understand what virtual RAM is. Then those programs that aren't currently active say you have the window minimized will get removed from main real RAM, and placed in the Virtual RAM. When this happens your computer will start "swapping," and can slow things down because putting things into the hard drive is considerably slow. Once the swap has occurred though things go back to being their normal seeming self.

Until you reactivate one of the inactive programs say you maximize a previously minimized window , in which case the swapping will start again, and cause a temporary hickup. The reason why putting the Virtual RAM which is just an area of storage set aside for swapping things to on flash medium may speed up the swapping cycle is because flash is a non-mechanical medium, and is usually much faster than a mechanical hard drive.

The swapping "hickup" moment will last a lot less longer than with a hard drive. Lots of people aren't seeing an increase in speed probably because they aren't actually using their real RAM to the max. If you want to experience the difference in speed, try running a RAM heavy program, something like Blender with a big model loaded , or maybe even open up a lot of graphic heavy tabs in your browser.

Test both with a hard drive virtual RAM, and on flash drive. Of course SSD will probably give you the best results. Creating extra page file. You can do on hard drive same! Win 95 supports page file. How do I stop using my pen drive as RAM and use it as a data storage device? Just go to ready boost again and tick the mark on "Do not use this device" and you can use it as a data storage device.

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Yes No. Not Helpful 12 Helpful It's not replacing your laptop's RAM. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Just go to computer Properties and deselect the virtual memory. Then go to the USB setting and remove the ready-boost do not use this device then apply and format.

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Then restart your PC. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Does the pen drive need to stay plugged in constantly in order to function as RAM? Yes, it does.

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If you remove it, your entire system will shut down, and you risk corrupting important system files. Not Helpful 14 Helpful Yes, but probably not significantly enough because USB is fast in comparison to a hard drive, but not in comparison to real RAM. Not Helpful 15 Helpful Using a pendrive as RAM might increase performance by using a different type of high speed storage in this case, a USB pendrive as room to do operations.

Not Helpful 8 Helpful To turn ReadyBoost on or off, plug a flash drive or flash memory card into your computer. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Not Helpful 13 Helpful It needs near MB Ram, but I have only Can I install Windows using this trick? It does not transform your pen drive.