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To buy premium and special items, players have to use monetary currencies. Players can find different kinds of weapons from machine guns, assault rifles to sniper rifles, etc. It is remarkable that all weapons in Crossfire are replicated by their real life version. For instance, machine gun is really heavy, powerful, cause highly destructive effects and takes a long time to reload. Meanwhile, shotguns are effective weapons for a close combat not a long distance fight…. Crossfire Weapon. Besides, there are a wide range of weapons and these weapons differ because of their power.

Also, some weapons really differentiate like VIP weapons, which is more powerful than the others. Players have to buy these VIP weapons by using monetary currencies. That make some veteran player to temporarily retired from this game. And now in , nothing changed. This game turns bad with many problems after CF Next Gen relaunching. Most annoying problems are: All of the problems above has causing many veteran player including myself to completely retired from this game and move on to another game that has better support.

Game either has hackers or people with the best P2W guns you can get. Cross fire is a very dangerous game to play that have hacker fully using cheat tool just like in team fortress 2 hacker paradise that made the game community dead with bots and scammer. Highly Not Recommended ————————————————— Stay away! Here are the things which need to be fixed A better ANTI-HACK system so that there will no longer be a need for a in game kick system Add reflection and shadowing to game graphics that would be spot on.

This game has very intersting ideas for the gameplay I like the Zombie-content much. But on the other hand graphics and effects are only intermediate and the maps become boring after a while. Also lag is really an issue. All the hacks in this game have been fixed. That is when I got to play it.

Could not get into any games, kept getting kicked out because of delayed connection or lost server host. Even turned off anti virus and opened all ports like they suggested. Got to play 1 out of every 15 games. Waste of time. Sat here trying to get into matches more than I got to play in them. Like many other commenters have posted, Cross Fire has a high number of hackers. Paying with Game Points which you win through matches only buys you standard weapons, which also takes a while to obtain.

The Game Points from one 12 minute match seems like pocket change when a weapon costs 40,, points.

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The gauge increases after every match and has 3 sections. Each section earns you a reward temporary weapons or special points to buy those temporary weapons. The only times you will not be kicked is if there is a Hacker in the game that has more points than you. Besides for that, if you quit or get kicked, you loose all the cash you would have gotten from the match — and you need cash to buy new weapons and repair your old ones. Because of the many hackers in this game and because of their mental retardation the rest of the players will kick you.

Klingon style promotion. Players refusing to kick hackers. They wont kick hackers in their team if they believe your team has a hacker too, no matter if that player actually hacks or not. You can only start kickvotes against players in your own team. That would be a acceptable with a mature in behaviour playerbase. But, well… refer to the first point. Getting kicked for trying to kick hackers.

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Happens especially in Zombie mode. Gambling for guns is a ripoff. Read some of the threads about gambling for guns and how much some players spend on guns. Or how about some more RAM? You can buy a decent used sports car for that money, no kidding i. OR you can fill the account of those grubby bastards who have created a game with the sole goal of making money and milking people that are playing this worthless, soulless ripoff. The only reason you should be playing this is if you are looking for a good justification for Genocide. I have played many games with bad or newbie-unfriendly communitys… and with hackers… but nothing… absolutely nothing can compare to Crossfire.

Dear moderators, if my language was a bit too strong, please edit my post rather than deleting it. People need to be warned. Thank you. The servers have been very unstable for the last few months also. Good choice. Just bots.

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Firstly, learn english. What kind of crack are you smoking? Global Offensive. Jesus man, take off your fanboy goggles. Used to play this game a while back and it was fantastic…. Waste of time! Crossfire is an awesome game…the bad thing about it is you are accused of being a hacker even your not a hacker..

Sometime they are Jealous Of your Kills That wants them to kick you.. I am not sure the place you are getting your info, but good topic. I must spend a while learning more or figuring out more. Thanks for wonderful info I used to be in search of this information for my mission. The game is ok but to many hackers speed knife,etc. Weapons are unbalanced and most good guns cost money. The knife sucks really bad if your not good at it ghost mode.

Every game you play people complain about hacking when you are not hacking.

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You get kicked if your just a low level sometimes. Other team will sometimes not kick hacker which sucks. The easy-to-use key mapping feature allows you to set up your keyboard and mouse controls exactly as you like, then BlueStacks will remember these settings next time you suit up for CrossFire: Never worry about lag, shoddy internet, overage charges, or complicated wireless contracts again. Unlock everything Android has to offer right on your computer with BlueStacks 4. BlueStacks 4 is more than just an Android emulator.

The BlueStacks player is packed with features that bring your mobile games to life like never before. You can now stream CrossFire: Legends to the entire world with the click of a button. Use the video game broadcasting features of the new and improved BlueStacks player to stream any Android-powered game or app to massive online networks like Twitch, Facebook Live, and Twitter.

Bring the social back to gaming with interactive shows where you control the content.

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BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. You must have Windows 7 or higher. Windows 10 is recommended. Ready, Aim