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I'll let you post the answer because I don't want to steal your rep. Just be sure to include step by step instructions for those who don't know how to use zip files. Don't worry about reputation points; if you've got a way of doing it programmatically, please do post it.

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Manually edited it, saved then let 7ZIP update the changed file. All very handy as a proof of concept, but hardly a solution, so please do post yours. Oh, you did it from "within" the zip. What I mean was that I got it working by unzipping it and doing a search and replace on the entire directory and rezipping, which was why I was leaving the points for you. I think it's the only solution! If you don't want them, I'll do it. I removed the VBA code from the answer. This is updated statement: Didn't work. The code unchecked Use Asian rules for controling first and last characters , but left Allow Latin text to wrap in the middle of a word alone.

Bort — thank you for feedback what was the actual effect of the code.


During my further research I found more-less authoritative source quoted below which confirms there is no typical VBA way. John Wilson's answer in the thread linked to above includes a possible VBA fix: Use the PickUp method to pick up formatting from a text box that doesn't have Asian linebreaks applied, then use.

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  6. PowerPoint doesn't support text wrapping, but you can mimic it.
  7. Apply to apply the formatting to other text. You'd also have to programmatically pick up, then apply any other formatting that you want to preserve, which could get quite tricky, but it's a start, at any rate. SteveRindsberg — thank you and yes I've also read about the fix before but I decided not to follow this path, because I thought that applying single format to every text style found in presentation effectively unifying all texts into one style could render the entire presentation further unusable for practical purposes.

    Compared to this potential solution, adjustment made in XML files is transparent to formatting styles and therefore much effective for the user.

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    Text boxes and most shapes except for lines and connectors can include text, and you can position or wrap that text. You can also resize shapes for a better text fit, or change the direction of the text.

    PowerPoint Wrap Text around Picture Tutorial

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    More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Bruce Etnyre Bruce Etnyre. Drag those to adjust the size of the text box and the text will wrap to your resizing. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. I opened a fresh presentation and tried what you had suggested. I did not manage to find any small squares But thanks to your suggestion, I tried pulling the size of the window around and found that the word wrap always occurs after a specific length, and even when you resize the window, the text will not 'flow' into the next line..

    Text Autofit Options in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

    It will be great if it does. Or is that something we just have to accept about mac? If I start PowerPoint and from the View menu choose Notes Page, then click in the box on the bottom of the window that says Click to add text, it highlights a box and puts resizing squares on all sides and corners.